Why Buy a MaxVak Central Vacuum System?

1. Breathe Easy

Great news for asthma and allergy suffers! MaxVak Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems remove most, if not all allergens and odours from your home. There’s no vacuum smell, no recirculation of exhaust dust, just a clean house. With a medical grade HEPA filter, it not only gets rid of dust, but hygienically rids your home of any mites that may lurk in your surroundings.

2. Conveniently clean

You’re just a plug and a switch away from having a cleaner, allergen free home. No more lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner. With a range of options, you can have the perfect built in vacuuming solution for every room… from kitchen to bedroom to garage. Even cleaner – MaxVak uses HEPA and Cyclonic filtration – HEPA filters are highly efficient capturing 98% of 0.3 micron dust particles.

3. Lasting Durability

Did you know that a conventional vacuum loses its effectiveness within 10 uses? A built in vacuum cleaning system doesn’t, giving you consistent cleaning power every time. MaxVak systems are built to last and provide an effective clean, time after time.

4. Easy Installation

MaxVak central vacuum systems are easy to install, even within most existing buildings. Every vacuum socket is placed strategically to fit your needs. A registered installer is recommended, but if you’re an avid DIYer, this could be an ideal project.

5. Less noise, more power

No more scaring pets or annoying the neighbours; MaxVak Central Vacuum Systems are usually located in the garage away from living areas meaning a quieter vacuuming experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

My house is really small,
do I really need a central vacuum system?

In short: yes! No more dragging around a portable vacuum cleaner, and with the added power that a central vacuum system gives, the more effective clean you’ll get. There really is a MaxVak system to suit every household. Call us now for a chat and a free quote on how you can get the most out of a MaxVak central vacuum system.

How is MaxVak different
from all the other central vacuum systems?

Not only do we have the most competitive prices on the market, but we offer features such as the LCD screen which is usually only found on expensive competitor models and a unique pressure release valve which means that if your rug gets stuck in the vacuum hose, this value will opens to allow air to continue to flow through the system and ensure your rug is easier to remove.